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Published Apr 21, 22
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I felt my stomach drop every Sunday when I realized tomorrow was the dreaded Monday. But since I’m not a trust fund baby, I needed the money. So I stuck it out. That was in 2011. Today is a completely different story. Now I like what I do (most of the time).

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I get to wake up without an alarm clock and take time off in the middle of the week to go mountain biking on my favorite trails. I work fewer hours, enjoy that work more, and I make more money. But in order to get to this point, I had to learn a few lessons.

It turns out that many of my assumptions about starting and running a business were completely wrong. One of my biggest lessons came from having to wade through all of the get-rich-quick schemes. Everywhere I looked, someone was revealing a secret strategy for making easy money online or generating passive income with real estate.

It’s all about how to to get rich fast. It’s all about making money while you sleep. The people sharing this information make it look like they are living the dream because they figured out some secret that you don’t know and that once you pay for them to reveal that secret, your life will instantly change.

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Or look at the tech industry, where you have a few companies that dominate the market. Take Amazon, for example. It’s long been, by far, the largest book store on earth. Now, it’s disrupting all kinds of industries and accounted for 53% of all e-commerce growth in 2017. Amazon is a giant among ants, and while it does have some competitors, they are few and far between.

And more often than not, that advantage has to do with luck and circumstance. No matter how skilled you are, how prepared you are, or how hard you work, you still need a healthy dose of luck to win in an industry that is “winner-take-all.” Sure, Jeff Bezos is a smart dude, but plenty of others are just as smart and creative.

Winners like Jeff get to live in mansions while thousands of losers (often smart, hard-working, and very talented losers) go get a job. So you want to start an internet business? Create the next big app? Or, get a patent on some great idea you have for an invention? I wish you the best of luck.

Sure, you may have recently heard a story of another guy getting rich from the app store. But, what about the other ten thousand people who spent thirty grand to have their app developed and didn’t even make their money back? You didn’t hear about them because they’re not writing blog posts about how to get rich creating apps.

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Even though there are some “winner-take-all” effects in these businesses, the odds are actually pretty good if you stick it out long enough. But there’s the problem! You must stick with it for long enough. How long is long enough? It’s impossible to say. But, you should ask yourself…If so, great.

“Why isn’t everybody doing this!?”So I got started, and I worked hard. REALLY HARD. I started learning how to build a website, wrote my first blog post, and worked on my business with every free second I had. Luckily, I didn’t put all of my eggs into that basket and started another business at the same time (more on that later) because all that hard work didn’t pay off until 4 years after getting started.

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Are there people who do it faster? Yep. But they’re the exceptions. The outliers. The ones in the right place at the right time in the right niche with the right mentors. That’s called luck, my friend. You can’t replicate luck. The truth is that it takes a LOT of time, effort, dedication, failure, and learning to create passive income.

Despite what the guru online says about his “new” strategy for growing businesses fast, making real money is not easy. Is it worth it? Hell yes, it is. But if you’re looking to quit your job anytime soon, there are much faster and easier paths. Here’s How To Escape Your Job In The Next Six Months, OK, so starting a business with a new, innovative idea is a bad choice.